Payment Methods

The aforementioned cryptocurrency payment options are considered secure. However, you need to use a recognized method in order to ensure your funds are never in danger. With regards to the leading payment methods, you’re protected in the following ways:

Visa/MasterCard: Using a credit/debit card is great because both are overseen by regulators such as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Additionally, credit/debit card payments are insured by your supplier. Finally, these options also offer authorization features such as Verified by Visa.

PayPal: Sending money from one online source to another is more efficient which, in turn, makes it more secure. The other benefit of using PayPal, in addition to regulatory oversights, is the addition of two-factor authentication.

Digital Coins: All cryptos are secure by nature. As well as being decentralized and secured by cryptography, sending funds is anonymous. Therefore, it’s tough for fraudsters to target you or your funds.